Typical Counseling Rates for Marriage Counseling

Money is hard to earn and easier to lose, therefore if you are choosing to spend more and more money to save your marriage, make sure you are not wasting it. Your marriage counsellor might charge you $100 an hour thye value your income too for which the counsellor will not say the given statements during your session. And even if he/she does, be confident that the counsellor is a charlatan or may have been bribed beforehand by your partner. “I have no affiliation with your marital problems.”

Since anyone with a bit of skills in persuading random people can become a counsellor for which, couples are adviced to ask for educational qualifications of their counsellor before choosing to invest your money there. The American government passed down a law stating that every counsellor must practice for 1500 hours in New York and 3000 hours in Texas. “You are not going to make it,” claims Michael Meister.

If you the counsellor himself/ herself starts demotivating the couples, then how the couple can even think of staying together and live along in harmony. Being a pessimist will not help you to save your relationship. Even if the severity is really strong between the two, it is wise to point out the good things about each other and how life will get dry and bleak in the absence of each other. “I like your partner better than you.” Do not take side of one particular partner. You must give out your judgement honestly and truthfully, keep the air clear between you and your couple, being a third person will help you to look at one specific problem from the top and make clear judgments while providing the best explanation by making them think from the partner’s point of view. Counselling for marriages is a difficult job and every counsellor must think twice before providing the best advice for one another.